Lubricants, Sealants and Solvents

The number of lubricants and sealants we can provide for you are endless.   Anything you need - we can get.   The following is a list we generally keep in stock.

Lucas Oil Products:

Engine Oils
Synthetic Engine Oils
5th Wheel Lube
Red Tacky Grease
Heavy Duty Grease

Transmission Oil
Fuel Conditioner
Extreme Cold Fuel Conditioner

Gear Oil
Hub Oil

Tool Box Buddy
Gun Lube
Racing Oils
Kart/Jr. Drag Oil
Chain Lube
Hydraulic Oil
Zinc Additive

These items are available in various sizes - quarts, gallons, pails, kegs or drums.

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Other Products:

Spray Sealants
Spray Adhesives
Penetrating Oil
Brake Clean
Liquid Tape
Duct Tape
Crazy Glue

These products are available in our store.